How do Anti Slip Mats Work?

Anti slip mats work hard to prevent accidents in wet and dry environments, where people are walking or standing.

They help prevent slips by:

  • Capturing liquid / debris with practical drainage holes, so that the user doesn’t stand on them directly.
  • Using textured surfaces for increased grip underfoot.
  • Featuring a high quality product composition, for effective wear resistance and to prevent chemical breakdown.

Health and Safety professionals must be aware of potential slip risks and how they can be prevented by introducing appropriate anti slip mats. Slips can cause both minor and serious injuries, which impacts productivity. It’s important for everyone to work together, to create a safe working environment by; identifying potential hazards, using safety mats correctly and general work space maintenance.

Anti slip mat key features 

  • Drainage holes
  • Gritted / textured surface
  • Resistance to oils, chemicals and grease
  • Anti fatigue properties
  • Insulation from cold concrete floors
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An anti slip mat isn’t necessary just a rubber mat, there are a number of key features which make them stand out from other workplace mats. Below we outline how anti slip mats work, enabling you to choose the right product for your environment.

Textured surface

A textured mat surface improves worker safety by increasing grip underfoot. High-Duty Grit and Fatigue-Step Grit Top, both feature carbide bonded ‘grit’ top surfaces, which provide sturdy grip even in oily conditions. Different types of mats may also feature a diamond pattern surface to provide a good level of grip.

Drainage holes

Drainage holes prevent liquids and swarf from lying on the mats surface, by allowing them to fall through and preventing them becoming a slip or trip risk.

Chemical resistance

Most workplaces, especially those within the industrial, engineering and food industries will be exposed to liquids, oils, or grease. It’s crucial to choose the right kind of anti slip mat for the working environment, taking into account chemical compatibility. Mats manufactured from 100% nitrile offer excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and grease. The temperature in each working environment will also impact the type of matting you will choose.

Good quality anti slip mats should also provide anti fatigue relief, for all round wellbeing. You’ll find all of our safety matting includes ratings for slip and fatigue so you can make the best choice for your requirements. Mat Brain can help you to find the most suitable product in few simple steps.

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