Graphic Inlaid Logo Mats vs Jet Print Logo Mats

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make your brand more prominent in your facility? Why not use a logo mat? Branded floor mats can protect your internal flooring while also effectively promoting your brand. COBA Africa has a wide range of logo mats to suit your site.


From high traffic to low traffic entrance matting, we have them all. Some of our logo mats were used as a placemat for photo booths (yes, our logo mats are insta-ready for you to admire).

Check out this Case Study of Triumph Motorcycles using our Berberpoint Logo Mat as a place mat for their photos.

Not all logo mats are made equally

To ensure you purchase the correct custom mat for your facility, it’s important to understand the difference between a graphic inlaid and a jet-printed logo mat. With branded mats, there is an element of style involved, along with practical use. This is why when assisting you in selecting the right style of logo mat, we keep in mind what will work for the traffic volume your facility gets and what weather conditions the mat would need to withstand.

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What is a graphic inlaid logo mat?

A graphic inlaid logo mat means that your mat is created from a professional cutter that uses your design as a template to create a branded logo mat. Our cutter has years of experience and can assist you with creating an amazing design with our wide range of colours available.


8 Pros of graphic inlaid mats

  • Due to your logo being made up of bits of mat material, it means that it is extremely durable against high traffic volumes and can easily stand the test of time, as the mat can be made of more hardwearing material.
  • We have a wide range of materials for the base of your branded mat, as well as the stroke of your logo, making the graphic inlaid logo mat more versatile for different types of sites. If you have trolly movement or other wheeled traffic on your site, we recommend a graphic inlaid logo mat built of materials that would suit your traffic type.
  • A wide range of colours are available to choose from, giving you the opportunity to create a unique and colourful mat.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, a graphic inlaid mat will stand out and draw attention to your facility.
  • Graphic inlaid mats can be made up of durable material that can withstand harsh conditions such as sunlight and other exterior conditions outdoors
  • Your logo mat will be a unique hand-crafted original created by an expert cutter
  • You can customise your graphic inlaid mat to the exact size you require
  • Draw attention to your brand and emphasize brand awareness for your facility with a branded floor mat

4 Cons of graphic inlaid mats

  • Like any other mat, proper cleaning and maintenance of the mat are required to ensure its longevity
  • Small details are not always possible. Our Graphic Logo Mat Designer, can easily assist you with what details won’t be possible with graphic inlaid mats.
  • If your logo is in a low resolution, our Graphic Logo Mat Designer would need to recreate your logo for it to be possible to cut your logo mat. This is a task that takes some time to complete, however; our Logo Mat Designer works hard to do this as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Due to a graphic inlaid mat hardwearing characteristic, it is a thicker mat and if height is an issue for your site, this might not always be the best solution.

What is a jet printed mat?

This is a mat that has printed design work on. The printer has a print head containing thousands of tiny holes. These tiny openings drop microscopic droplets of ink onto the textile at a speed. Leaving you with a detailed design.

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5 Pros of jet print matting

  • You can add a lot of detail to your design.
  • A wide range of bright colours is available to make a statement with your logo mat.
  • The mat base is light and easy to move and clean.
  • You can create a unique design for your entrance.
  • A custom mat can assist you with emphasising your brand.

4 Cons of jet print matting

  • A jet-printed mat is a thin mat that will not last in high-traffic environments
  • Over time, the once bright colour may fade from harsh sunlight or washing
  • Not recommended for installing into a mat well
  • Due to the height of the product, it will wear and tear fast if the site has wheeled traffic. Not recommended for shopping centres.

We recommend opting for a graphic inlaid mat as there are more benefits and options available for the base material.

Create your own logo mat idea

If putting your idea in words is a bit difficult, try using our logo mat designer to show us what your thoughts are. Our team of experts will gladly take a look at your idea and provide you with a professional mock-up and advise if the material would be suitable for your site. Once you have approved the final design, we’ll start creating your custom floor mat.

Create your own mock-up branded mat.

Having an entrance mat will assist you with moisture and dust control at your facility, which will reduce slip hazards and protect your internal flooring. Why not add a logo to emphasize your brand as well?

Need assistance?

If you are interested in adding some flair to your facility with a custom branded mat that can suit your site and requirements, contact our friendly team to assist


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