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We know the importance of contamination control in your industry. The COBA team developed a contamination control range to ensure biosecurity in sensitive facilities. Our wide range of disinfectant mats however are appropriate for any environment where contamination presents a risk.

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Agricultural industry

In the agricultural industry bio security is extremely important, especially for poultry farmers. What people eat starts at the farm.

Commercial poultry farmers need to ensure that their chicks stay healthy, and that contamination control is implemented in chicken coops. Diseases caused by lack of bio security can spread rapidly from bird to bird.

Why contamination control is important

Infectious agents are living organisms that cause disease or illness and can be spread between animals. These include all ‘germ’ types: bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Once a suitable sanitising agent is used in a coop and the process is carried out correctly, bacteria will decrease to between 5,900/cm² and 6,000 bacteria/cm².

Certain diseases have the potential to decimate a region’s poultry industry. When one of these diseases strikes, a region or nation could be placed in quarantine. This could cause widespread economic hardship for both commercial and small poultry farmers. To protect the chicks – and the poultry industry – poultry farmers implement contamination control to assist in preventing diseases from spreading. The sooner action is taken, the better.

COBA has a wide range of products suitable to accommodate the agricultural industry and fight germs to assist in preventing disease spread.

How to implement Contamination Control

The COBA Care Disinfectant boot bath can assist poultry farmers to protect their chicks against bacteria carried in from the farmworkers shoes, by placing these mats at the entrance or exit of a coop. According to research published by the CDC, carried out in Wuhan, China, viruses (including Covid-19) float to the floor and are carried on the soles of shoes. This poses a high biosecurity risk which can easily spread to birds. Disinfectant mats or sanitising mats at an entrance and exit will greatly reduce the risk of contaminants spreading.

The COBA Care disinfectant boot bath is an Industrial grade hygiene mat that reduces footwear contamination.

The COBA Care disinfectant boot bath can be filled with COBA Care disinfectant solution, which is ideal for use in disinfectant mats and to sanitise footwear. Vital sectors such as manufacturing, food production, and farming have a huge responsibility in ensuring bio-security.


CaterQAC, a quaternary ammonium based disinfectant, is highly recommended

The COBA care disinfectant boot bath can be used with just 3 simple steps:

  1. Place COBA Care Disinfectant Boot Bath on a level surface and fill with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution. Place the absorbent Moisture Control Mat second.
  2. Step into the Disinfectant Boot Bath. As you walk on the spot, the resilient rubber nodules scrape the dirt, while the disinfectant solution cleans and sanitises.
  3. Step onto the absorbent mat to dry footwear of excess liquid.

Following this easy three-step process helps prevent the spread of walked in bacteria and infectious viral particles.

COBA Care Moisture Control Mats:

Once the disinfectant solution is added to the COBA Care Boot Bath it will cause moisture. We recommend that a Moisture control mat is added to a chicken coop entrance and exit to absorb the moisture created by the disinfectant solution.

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Food industry

Once the chickens are the ideal weight for the market, they are sent from the coops to the food manufacturers to be processed. Another facility where contamination control is extremely important.

Why contamination control is important

Because personnel handles the food in your warehouse, their practices are closely tied to food safety from contamination. It is the job of the manager in food operations to ensure that all personnel comply with the contamination policy.

Any food processing that has a wet element such as raw meat is seen as a high-risk contamination area.

If contamination control is not implemented diseases can spread, causing the food manufacturing company to be a hazard to public safety. If the contaminated meat were to be sent to the stores, it could destroy the reputation of the store and increase the chance of a lawsuit from end-users. This may in turn lead the food processing plant to close their doors, causing job loss and economic setback. To prevent this, sanitising mats can be placed throughout the plant to ensure germs from the outside are scraped off and killed.

How to implement Contamination Control

Doorways play a critical role in contamination control in your facilities. COBA has a wide range of contamination control products to assist with increasing biosecurity. Once the footwear soles of the workers have been cleaned at the entrance, an anti-fatigue, anti- slip mat can be placed throughout the plant. This mat, however, requires having hygienic properties and the ability to be easily cleaned.

COBA Care Disinfectant Shoe bath

The first step employees take into a high risk building, such as a food processing plant, needs to be a clean step. We recommend the COBA Care Disinfectant shoe bath to assist in removing germs from the soles of shoes. Similar to our boot bath this mat can be filled with disinfectant solution. We recommend the Microfibre Moisture Control mat to assist in absorbing the excess disinfectant solution.

Entra-Clean HygienePlus

This is a revolutionary mat that is treated with BI-OME to ensure that dirt gets scraped off of shoes and microbes of bacteria are killed once penetrated with the biocide. This will further assist in ensuring contamination control in high-risk areas.

Find out more about BI-OME by reading the full article.


This is a nitrile mat that will offer resistance to oils and fats. It does offer some fatigue relief, but is an excellent non-slip mat for slippery greasy floor surfaces. This mat can be washed in commercial washing machines, ideal for food plants that have their own on-site laundry facility.


This is an extremely comfortable anti-fatigue mat which is perfect for the food industry and suitable for workstations where operatives stand for long periods. It is resistant to oils & fats and can be cleaned easily, just by soaking in a disinfectant solution. We offer two versions: A solid version and an option with holes to allow drainage of liquids and debris.


Our Cobamat PVC interwoven matting has been used for many years within food production, especially workstation mats. These mats can be offered in different colours or with different colour bevelled edging.

This ensures that the mats can be identified to specific production areas which prevent cross-contamination of mats between raw and cooked production areas.

The moisture from the raw meat could cause a slip hazard that can be prevented by using anti-slip mats.

Not only does COBA assist with contamination control, but also provide a wide range of slip-resistant products suitable for food processing plants.


This product is suitable for use outside the food processing building. Gripfoot tape comes in a roll and can be used for areas with slip issues. This can be stairs, walkways, ramps and machinery areas that require pedestrian access.

Superdry Heavy Traffic

This mat can be placed at loading areas to ensure that dirt and debris are scraped off of forklift wheels. This will avoid skidding on internal warehouse floors and prevent possible slip hazards by absorbing moisture.

Learn more about installing the Superdry Heavy Traffic.

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