Anti-slip flooring in the catering trade

Slip accidents are a major hazard, especially in the catering industry. The potential for slip accidents is particularly high in kitchens and counter areas. Slip-resistant flooring ensures safety here.

Why slip-resistant flooring solutions are so important in the catering industry?

The workforce is the most valuable asset in any catering business, whether it’s a multinational hotel chain or the corner bistro pub. Slip-and-fall accidents often have fatal consequences and lead to staff injury and absence.

In order to protect employees and keep the business running smoothly, it is important to take the right protective measures, especially in danger zones.

What is slip resistance and which products provide what protection?

Slip resistance for workplaces in the catering industry is regulated according to DIN 51130 and is divided into the slip resistance classes R9 to R13. R13 is the highest slip resistance, class. Learn more about the structure and how the slip resistance is tested in our knowledge article on slip resistance classes according to DIN 51130.

So that you don’t have a source of danger in the kitchen and at the counter

The danger of slipping is particularly high in the kitchen due to oils and greases that often come into contact with the tiled floor. A very good measure to prevent slipping accidents is anti-slip mats. These mats are easy to apply and clean as a non-slip floor covering.

K-Mat anti-slip mat for kitchens

Ideal anti-slip mat for use in the catering industry. Robust, slip resistance R11, washable in the washing machine and also in the dishwasher.

More than just anti-slip mats for your colleagues and employees.

However, slipping is not the only source of danger that can lead to staff absences. Especially in the catering industry, it is normal to work standing for long hours. This often results in symptoms such as heavy legs, back pain, varicose veins, and other illnesses that are summarised under the term MSD.

MSDs are the biggest factor in sick leave in Germany. Anti-fatigue mats help to prevent these phenomena. Find a selection of anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats, especially for your industry in our catalogue for the hotel and catering industry.

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