The catering and hospitality industry will no doubt have been busy over the Easter break. And as commercial kitchens get busier, the potential for slip-related accidents is naturally greater as staff hurry to prepare and serve food to their customers.

Cooking oils, grease, spilt liquids and even dry debris ingredients can be hazardous on the floor surface. That is why we are always evolving our range of anti-slip mats for catering environments here at COBA Africa, and one of our newest products is Diamond Grid.

Non Slip Kitchen Mat

How Diamond Grid anti-slip matting helps improve floor safety in kitchens?

Diamond Grid with its anti-slip top surface is manufactured from extremely flexible PVC a hygienic material that does not support the growth of bacteria – making it suitable for kitchens and food preparation areas.

Non Slip Kitchen Mat

While its diamond surface pattern is pleasing to the eye, it also serves a very practical purpose allowing liquids to drain through the open holes, rather than resting on the top to reduce the risk of slipping. Efficient drainage is not simply attributed to the open holes. Specially designed underside studs also provide excellent drainage properties.

Dry debris that falls to the floor, such as flour, grains or vegetable peelings can also form slip hazards in kitchens. The open holes are sufficiently large to capture debris and reduce any associated slip risk.

Easy to clean non slip kitchen mats

Whereas some mats can be rather heavy and awkward to move/clean, Diamond Grid is exceptionally flexible so that it can be easily rolled up. It isn’t heavy either making it very manageable and user-friendly. The mat weighs some 2.8kg/m2 and comes in sizes 1m x 2.4m. For further information on Diamond Grid mats for catering environments email: