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Choosing the right glue for your application can become tricky if you do not have the experience.  This guide will assist you in selecting the correct adhesive for our product range and what other considerations one should make when installing our products on site. Each mat will have a different type of glue and if your installation is not done by our COBA installation team it would be best practice to consult a glue specialist.

Expert Advice

Our employees have years of experience with the products and a quick assessment of the site would be enough to advise what products will be suitable for your site. If not, our trained professionals would be able to recommend the best alternative for your specific application. We take pride in our sales team’s ability to think out of the box to provide customers with solutions for their specific applications.


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What conditions need to be considered when using adhesive?

Each site would have its unique conditions that play a role in which adhesive would be best for the specific site. Here are some of the factors that you need to look at to choose the correct adhesive:

  • Weather
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Traffic Type
  • Sunlight
  • Installation surface




Screed Preparation

Additional preparation might be needed to ensure that the area is ready for the specific adhesive needed for the product in question. Check out our screed preparation guide for more information.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Surfaces need to be properly cleaned before and during the respective installation process.  Failure to do this can result in the product failing in the early stages already.

Once the product has been installed, ensure that the area is cleaned from any left-over glue, debris and any other rubbish that might be laying around.

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What glue should I use when installing?

PVC and Rubber Adhesives

PVC to Rubber – Polyurethane Adhesive Gb209a

PVC to PVC – Polyurethane Adhesive Gb209a

Rubber on Rubber – Super Contact Adhesive S112

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If you are still not sure about what adhesive is suitable for your site book a site survey with our dedicated sales team today!

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