Slips, they can happen virtually anywhere. We evaluate 3 key workplace situations affected by slip hazards and suggest a proven safety matting solution for each environment.

1. Commercial Kitchens

Slip Hazards: Cooking Oils, Grease, Spilt Liquids, Dry Debris
The Solution: K-Mat

kitchen mat

Commercial kitchens are often very busy environments, especially during peak service hours. Careful kitchen design is essential for avoiding slip and fall accidents, while making the environment more efficient.

There are a range of hazards which can be avoided by introducing anti-slip matting. K-Mat, is one of our most popular matting products for kitchen environments. One of the key features is the cross-grip top surface for exceptional slip-resistance. It is also has anti-fatigue properties, and is made from a hygienic material that does not support the growth of bacteria.

The open hole surface pattern allows liquids and debris to drain through, rather than resting on the top to reduce the risk of slipping. All of these features make the mats ideal for kitchens and food preparation areas.

2. Leisure Centre, Swimming Pools

Slip Hazards: Water
The Solution: Flexi deckswimming pool mat

Swimming pools are hotspots for slips, trips and fall. They account for many slip-related accidents. They can be especially hazardous where water collects at the edge of the pool, in changing areas and showers. But the risks can be reduced by using anti-slip matting, such as Flexi deck, one of our most popular PVC safety matting options for swimming pools and the leisure industry in general.

The open holes that form part of the design are not just there to look good. They serve a purpose by draining surplus water from the mat’s surface, and allowing air to circulate. The Anti-slip top surface is  effective at providing safe footing in wet conditions.

3. Engineering Facilities

Slip Hazards: Oil Spillage
The Solution: Rampmat


Slips and falls cost engineering facilities (and industrial businesses in general) dearly. They cause personal suffering and through absenteeism, can have a serious impact on productivity. Selecting the right matting for your environment not only minimises health and safety risks, but can also reduce worker fatigue for employees who spend long periods of time standing on hard concrete floors.

Rampmat is an ideal multi-tasking solution with anti-fatigue and anti-slip benefits. It features open holes that allow any spillage to drain through the mat, reducing the risk of slipping as well as fatigue from prolonged standing.